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VeryPC manufacture computers and customise ICT solutions for education and business all over the UK. Their products and services include desktop PCs, laptops, mobile devices, 3D workstations, servers, backup and storage solutions, industrial computer appliances, audio visual equipment, customisation and managed IT support services.

Business Challenges

VeryPC had been successfully using Salesforce CRM since 2012. In recent years, the marketing team had found that their current digital marketing solution was becoming cumbersome and heavily dependent on manual tasks. Also, getting accurate marketing ROI reporting was a long and painful process. Therefore, the decision was made to explore other digital marketing platforms which will allow them to automate processes, provide valuable information to the sales team and facilitate accurate and easy to manage reporting.

The main challenges identified were:

  • Outdated Marketing Technology Stack: Current Digital marketing suite no longer meets the needs of the business
  • Lack of Lead Lifecycle Visibility: End-to-end marketing efforts not captured through data and unable to accurately measure the quality of a lead
  • Skewed Campaign ROI Metrics: Reporting on campaign ROI required was  difficult to assess and not accurate
  • Resource Wasted on Manual Tasks: Lack of automation of processes between Marketing and Sales

After reviewing multiple solutions, VeryPC decided that Salesforce Pardot was the best fit their requirements.  The integration with Salesforce allowed them to utilise Salesforce reports and feed valuable information directly to the sales teams.

Implemented Solutions

After running a requirements gathering sessions with the project team at VeryPC, Seamlessideas documented a proposed solution and implemented the following features:

  • Salesforce Pardot Configuration with Salesforce Sales Cloud: Implemented Salesforce Pardot and integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Campaigns
  • Account-based Segmentations: Built marketing segmentations based on Account types
  • Automated Lead Profiling Qualification: Defined and implemented Prospect Scoring and Grading
  • Branded HTML Email Templates: Designed and developed responsive HTML email templates in Salesforce Pardot
  • Data Analysis: Analysis of existing Leads in Salesforce Sales Cloud to determine ‘Marketing’ leads
  • Marketable Data Migration: Removed all marketing leads from Salesforce and migrated into Salesforce Pardot
  • Marketing Campaign, Data Health and Lifecycle Insights: Built marketing type reports and dashboard to track ROI, responses, opt outs and engagement
  • Streamlined Data Visibility: Displaying key Pardot information within Salesforce Lead and Contact records
  • Automated Workflows: Automation of sales tasks and notifications when specific defined marketing activity has occurred
  • Data Consolidation: Data review and migration from the legacy systems
  • Marketing and Sales Platform Training: Full system training for Sales, Marketing and Management users


  • Seamless Platform Migration and Digital Transformation: Seamless transition from legacy systems to Salesforce Pardot with data consolidated and finely integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Increased ease and efficiency in scoring and grading through automated qualified leads being passed onto sales and data to report on status
  • Significant Reduction in Manual Task and Increase in Resources: Time saved with automated processes including reporting and tracking between Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce Sales Cloud

As our services has expanded and developed over the years has led to our team growth to over 15+ people. Currently based in UK, Pakistan and soon to be Canada.

Rizwan Malik SI
Rizwan Malik
CEO, Salesforce Solutions Architect & Consultant

With over 10+ years Salesforce experience, Rizwan’s entrepreneurial attributes has grown strength to strength in leading Seamlessideas into becoming a successful consultancy and strategic Salesforce partner.

Rehman Ali SI
Rehman Ali
Co-Founder, Salesforce Ops & Technical Director

With a vast depth of certifications and experience within the Salesforce economy, Rehman is the man behind the scenes getting involved into the nitty gritty areas ensuring that only quality results are achieved.

Muhammed Adil SI
Muhammed Adil
Co-Founder, Salesforce Consulting & Projects Director

Adil focuses a majority of his time with clients’, focusing on delivering a streamlined and governed project experience through transparent communication channels in providing a cohesive nurturing experience.

Saniul Ali SI
Saniul Ali
Head of Sales & Marketing Automation Services, Snr Business Consultant

A wealth of sales and marketing automation experience within various platforms. Saniul’s consulting approach is centred around ROI and insights, so expect ‘bottom line’ consulting.

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