Core Concept Online

Let’s determine your current problem…

So you’ve recently acquired a marketing automation platform but haven’t received any professional training from any experts? Or a team member needs platform training? Or want to refresh your marketing automation skillset?

But do you have the budget to commission a marketing automation expert to deliver training? If not, progression will be slow progress within your team and delivery efficiency will be impacted.

How to make the problem go away…

To reduce the training cost, we’ve developed an online two-day training course that specifically focuses on the core fundamentals of operating your marketing automation platform from day-to-day.

These sessions are bi-monthly and include other attendees, allowing us to reduce the costing for training.

Our online core concept training is delivered in six milestones:

(Please note: Training is charged per person. If you want to register more than 3x individuals, we recommend a specific onsite training session through our training packages. Core Concept online training will not be available for recording or on-demand viewing.)

Submit Interest

Submit your interest, detailing which month you would like training and preferable time zone.

First Deposit Payment

Once registration for training has been reviewed, we’ll require a deposit to confirm your seat.

Core Concept Marketing I Training

Attend the first session on engagement marketing training that covers a day-to-day marketing activity operational training.

Core Concept Marketing II Training

Attend the second session on engagement marketing training that includes automation tools to enhance marketing engagement.

Training Quiz

Majority of the training focuses on learning how to use the platform. However, best practice recommendations will be provided so once training has commenced, an attendee quiz will take place to ensure key knowledge points are clearly understood and retained.

Training Experience Feedback

We love to grow and continuously improve our services, but without our client’s survey feedback this isn’t possible.

BENEFIT: Best Practice Consultancy Training

Training is not only delivered by a Training Manager but a Marketing Automation consultant. You will be trained on a technical and strategic level.

BENEFIT: Competency Tiered Training

Trust that your marketing team are receiving the most suitable training required to help individuals progress to the next stage of their marketing automation skill set and have further confidence in your team to deliver.

BENEFIT: Marketing Automation Adoption

Your marketing team will have more in-depth knowledge of marketing automation functions and the do’s and don’ts, giving them the confidence to lead in future developments.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project.

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