Automation Consultancy Training

Let’s determine your current problem…

So, you don’t have the budget to commission a consultancy to help implement marketing automation? Without a marketing specialist, you’re at risk of losing money and time.

How to make the problem go away…

To help, we’ve developed a best practice consultancy training program which focuses on guiding your marketing team through process areas within your marketing automation platform.

This allows your team to develop processes and make changes using your internal resources, with a Marketing Automation Consultant on standby for guidance.

Our best practice consultancy training program is delivered is following six milestones:

(Please note: This is not a suitable option for organizations with a tight timeline or in the process of migrating from a different marketing automation platform. Our best practice consultancy training program is only available for the ‘planning stage’ and does not include items within the ‘build stage’.)

Situational Analysis

Before the workshop, we discuss your competency level, what has been achieved to date and issues experienced.

Best Practice Consultancy Training Agreement

Once reviewed, your Marketing Automation Consultant will recommend the best practice consultancy training programme most suitable for your team and operational growth plans.

Onsite 2 Day Best Practice Training

Training will take place on site, delivered in phases or on a back-to-back basis. You’ll also receive a digital training guide to practice post-training.

Consultancy Guidance

Your Marketing Automation Consultant will schedule progression calls regarding different areas of development to support your team in developing a process and plan.

Check-ins with Sponsor

Every two weeks your Marketing Automation Consultant will have an online check-in meeting with your marketing automation platform sponsor.

Training Experience Feedback

We love to grow and continuously improve our services, but without our client’s survey feedback this isn’t possible.

BENEFIT: Marketing Automation Adoption

With best practice training provided on marketing automation, your marketing team will have a more in-depth knowledge of marketing automation functions and the do’s and don’ts, giving your team the confidence to lead in future developments.

BENEFIT: Best Practice Consultancy Training

Training is not only delivered by a Training Manager but a Marketing Automation Consultant. You will be trained on a technical and strategic level.

BENEFIT: Delivery Consultancy Plan

Although our best practice consultancy programme services end once the ‘planning stage’ is complete, we provide a delivery plan for your marketing team to follow.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project.

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