Automation Platform Selection

Let’s determine your current problem…

Once you start reviewing marketing automation platforms, it can become overwhelming. Choosing which vendor to trust can be tricky.

Often, you think you know what you need; however, because your marketing automation platform knowledge is limited, you can miss the trick and easily choose the wrong marketing automation vendor.

Sometimes the platform you want will be right one presently, but will it be right in the future? After all, migration from a marketing automation platform to another is a costly process.

How to make the problem go away…

Being tied into a yearly marketing automation platform subscription can be costly, especially if the platform is not suited for your business.

Our one-day workshop will help you to pick the right marketing automation platform that suits you now and for the future.

Workshop is delivered in six milestones:


Gain insight to your current marketing operation practices by conducting interviews with your marketing team and CRM admin.


Full-day workshop will cover agreed agenda line items based on the situational analysis stage.


We’ll design a solution around what automation tools are needed for your marketing strategy implementation and help select marketing automation vendors that may be a best business fit.


We’ll then present the recommendation design to key marketing stakeholders with an opportunity for Q&A and revision requests.


Once agreed, you can select Seamlessideas as your preferred strategic marketing automation consultancy to help nurture your organisation through the process.


Dependent on which marketing automation platform you commission, our Salesforce implementation services ranges from Salesforce Pardot to ExactTarget Salesforce Marketing Cloud

BENEFIT: Enhanced Automation Strategy

Take your goals further with our recommended automation strategy detailing automated tools. We’re talking higher ROI and operational efficiency.

BENEFIT: Future Proofing Solutions

In a stronger position to plan for the future and accommodate growth, you can use marketing automation platform as not just a ‘tool’ but an ‘engagement facilitator’.

BENEFIT: Pitch with Conviction

You’ll deepen your strategic marketing automation knowledge and be in a stronger position to present your automation strategy internally.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project.

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