Automation Platform Integrations

Let’s determine your current problem…

A marketing automation platform is a powerful tool. However, depending on the platform you choose, the level of complexity required varies.

It’s rare that an internal team have the time to learn, setup and verify new integrations while also implementing governance around the process.

CRM platforms will always be the master data hub and a marketing automation platform mistake can impact your CRM system caused by incorrect data query flow or workflow rules.

How to make the problem go away…

Integrations require time, attention to detail and most importantly marketing automation and CRM platform experience.

Our workshop helps you to understand your integration requirements, what data you need to integrate, data flow across your Salesforce marketing automation platform and CRM.

Workshop is delivered in six milestones:

(Please note: Integration review service does not include the implementation of integration deliverables or any upskilling training services.)


Gain insight by conducting interviews with your marketing team and CRM admin. Led by Automation Consultant.


Full-day workshop will cover agreed agenda line items based on the situational analysis stage.


We’ll design a solution for data integrations across platforms, based on your business needs.


We’ll then present the consultancy platform integration design to key marketing stakeholders with an opportunity for Q&A and revision requests.


Once agreed, you can sign-off the solution design with the option to commission Seamlessideas to deliver the platform integrations or to consult your team.


Dependent on which service you commission, our Salesforce implementation services ranges from Salesforce Pardot to ExactTarget Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

BENEFIT: Optimum Data Flow

Integration success is when data flow from various platforms becomes accessible to your marketing automation platform. Adding the additional level to reporting, profiling and targeted segmentation.

BENEFIT: Simplified Integration Deployment

The simpler the integration design, the better. A simple integration means it’s easier to change and quicker for new users to adopt.

BENEFIT: Fit for Launch

By setting up a simplified process that’s verified and applies to strict governance laws, your data flow handling is documented, making the integration fit for operational needs.

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