Salesforce Support Services

Let’s determine your current problem…

When your business is growing rapidly, and your Salesforce lead is busy attending to new business problems and consulting, someone still needs to be available to participate in internal queries and requests.

Your Salesforce lead may need an additional 5 – 10 hours a week to fulfil these business needs. 5 – 10 hours isn’t substantial enough for a new hire, meaning every week your business will fail to meet your Salesforce needs.

How to make the problem go away…

By using a managed support service, your Salesforce lead and business can benefit from the following:

  • Offloading administrative and troubleshooting task to the support services team, so your Salesforce lead can focus on bringing change to the business
  • Your Salesforce lead can lean on the support services team for consultancy and custom development support
  • Your Salesforce lead can brief any new delivery projects to the support services team and not have to worry about resourcing issues
  • Use the support services team for researching new features and how it can be used to improve internal operational processes
  • Use your support services team to run online training sessions for internal upskilling or on-boarding needs
  • You don’t need to hire a permanent or temporary staff member and eliminate the worry of training recruits

Support Service packages vary. For more information on our different types of packages available, please email

BENEFIT: Increase Resource Capacity

With increased resource capacity, your CRM lead can focus on completing proactive actions, improving sales operation processes rather than spending valued time firefighting trivial tasks.

BENEFIT: On-demand Consultancy Support

Alleviate pressure with on-demand consultancy support to help collaborate and develop strategic and technical processes and get the best of both worlds.

BENEFIT: Lower Overhead Cost

Your business may not need a full-time Salesforce admin, developer or consultant, but your business needs support on a part-time basis. With managed support services, you don’t need to pay for a contractor or a full-time Salesforce professional but still receive the quality of service required to meet business needs.

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