Sales and Service Cloud Training

Let’s determine your current problem…

Your Salesforce CRM system includes variable active workflows and data flows. Your operations team needs to understand how to use the platform to comply with required internal practices when working within the Salesforce CRM.

You may have upskilled your team when you first implemented Salesforce CRM. However, with staff turnover and new employees, your marketing team is unlikely to operate effectively without continuous training.

How to make the problem go away…

Training and upskilling your operations team on Salesforce CRM can lead to:

  • Efficient operations team
  • Effective use of the Sales and/or Service Cloud platform
  • Improved data capturing, profiling and data management
  • GDPR compliant practices
  • Automated operations

To find out about our different training packages, please email

(Please note: Training service does not include a systematic review and consultancy services. Training packages and materials are standardized per platform.)

BENEFIT: Competency Tiered Training

Trust that your business operations team are receiving the most suitable training required to help upskill CRM skill set and have further confidence in your team to deliver.

BENEFIT: Best Practice Consultancy Training

A CRM strategy consultant delivers training. You will learn at an operational, technical and strategic level, depending on your teams’ knowledge.


Get more in-depth knowledge of CRM functions, including the do’s and don’ts, giving your team the confidence to lead in future developments and higher chances of platform adoption.

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