Persona User Journey Mapping

Let’s determine your current problem…

You’ll be surprised how many organisations think they have their customer personas figured out. But when it comes down to it, most personas miss vital information, lack research or are entirely vague. Plus, some businesses use undocumented or outdated user journeys.

A vague customer persona and user journey cause internal confusion and wrong segmentation targeting, which leads to low engagement and scrutiny towards the marketing team’s efforts.

How to make the problem go away…

If you don’t understand your audience personas correctly and have an outdated user journey, you’re wasting your marketing efforts.

We lead a one-day workshop with your marketing team to uncover your objectives to create a customer journey and user personas.

Our Persona and Customer User Journey workshop is delivered in six milestones:


Before the workshop, we conduct a questionnaire and interviews with your marketing team and end-users. Helping our Content Marketing Consultant to get the best view to consult and design a solution that can reach a swift strategic consensus.


The full-day workshop led by the Content Marketing Consultant will cover agreed agenda line items regarding the persona and customer user journey design.


From approved items pulled from the workshop, your Content Marketing Consultant will design a solution around your persona, and customer User Journey needs including documentation, process mapping and end-user interview transcripts.


We’ll then present the consultancy persona and customer user journey design to key marketing stakeholders with an opportunity for Q&A and revision requests.


Once agreed, you can sign-off the solution design with the option to commission Seamlessideas to develop a persona and customer user journey infographic/executive summary.


Dependent on which service you commission, we can design your persona, and customer user journey.

BENEFIT: Informative Current Personas

A defined customer persona to help segment your database, leading to higher engagement and increased conversion rates.

BENEFIT: Detailed Journey Maps

Information gathered from interviews will form the basis of a detailed customer journey map, detailing user behaviour insights.

BENEFIT: Intuitional Documentation

Customer personas and the customer journey will be documented and easy to read. This information is used to improve content marketing and make strategic decisions.

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