Marketing Managed Support Services

Let’s determine your current digital marketing operational problem…

So you’ve acquired Salesforce marketing automation (ExactTarget Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Salesforce Pardot), to for campaign automation, lead nurturing, lead scoring and digital analytics? However, marketing strategy implementation with an automation platform is not straightforward?

One small mistake can impact multiple stakeholders on daily operations, including end-user experience and data governance. It requires technical know-how across marketing automation and CRM. But where do you start this learning process and at what scale?

This level of additional effort adds pressure to a marketing team when lacking; time, skills, knowledge and technical abilities to be able to utilise the platform to its capacity.

Your marketing team may need an additional 10 – 15 hours a week to fulfil these operational needs. 10 – 15 hours isn’t always substantial enough for a new hire, meaning every week your marketing team will fail to meet your business objectives and appear as the team with low performance levels.

How to make the problem go away…

Let it be known, acquiring a new marketing automation platform is a digital transformational phase. This level of change in process and operating culture requires expertise from different skilled type roles.

Gain support access to the following key six role types:

(Please note: the support service hours are limited per month based on your support service contract selected. Support Service packages vary. For more information on our different types of packages available, please email


Available to facilitate your vision into attainable goals through a connected digital strategy using marketing automation as the facilitator. Check out our ‘Digital Strategy Services’ page for more insight.


Available to define solutions on marketing and sales alignment operations and defining a management process to handle new changes. Check out our ‘Marketing Automation Services’ for more insight.


Available to train and upskill your team on any marketing automation areas on your request. Check out our ‘Marketing Training Services’ for more insight.


Available to help develop project management plans for your new developments to ensure your goals are attainable within resources available.

Email/Landing Page Front-End Development

Available to develop new HTML templates and troubleshoot/fix any HTML coding issues.

Testing Analysis

Available to be involved in your testing process in providing expert analysis feedback.

BENEFIT: Increase Resource Capacity

With increased resource capacity, your marketing team can focus on completing proactive actions, improving marketing and sales alignment operation processes rather than spending valued time firefighting trivial tasks.

BENEFIT: On-demand Consultancy Support

Alleviate pressure with on-demand consultancy support to help collaborate and develop strategic and technical processes and get the best of both worlds.

BENEFIT: Lower Overhead Cost

Your business may not need a full-time team member, but your team does need support. With our support services, you’ll pay half the cost of a full-time professional and still receive the quality of service required to meet business needs.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project.

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