Digital Marketing Excellence

Let’s determine your current marketing management problem…

Do you believe changing a marketing automation platform is a simple migration? That all previous blockers were down to the platform limitations?

Interestingly, the majority of failed organisations that struggle to succeed with marketing automation comes down to a lack of;

  • Adoption and leadership
  • Platform governance and regular reviews
  • Central and de-centralised operational agreements
  • Competency of marketing automation and CRM data flow
  • Consistency of platform engagement across teams
  • Housekeeping practices
  • Robust processes

In result, the executives blame then platform as a wrong fit for the business, to then migrate to another platform and potentially fall into same hurdle all over again.

How to make the problem go away by aiming for digital marketing excellence…

Without a marketing automation consultant nurturing your organisation throughout the transitions of setting the rules of engagement (centre of excellence). This will always be the case.

Our digital marketing center of excellence service focuses on neutralising previous and anticipated issues, define SMART objectives and facilitate an implementation process that encourages growth, adoption, upskilling needs and operational agreements.

Workshop is delivered through the following six milestones:


Gain insight to current internal marketing engagement practices by conducting a questionnaire and interviews with your marketing team members from different levels of roles and regions.


We’ll cover agreed agenda line items regarding digital marketing excellence change management reviewing needs.


We’ll design a solution around your digital marketing excellence change management needs including optimisations, additional best practice tactics and agreeing robust processes.


We’ll then present the consultancy digital marketing excellence change design to key marketing stakeholders with opportunity for Q&A and revision requests.


Once agreed, you can sign-off the solution design with the option to commission Seamlessideas to deliver the change process or to only consult your team on delivery implementation.


Dependent on which service you commission, we’re adaptable to your needs.

BENEFIT: Streamlined Operations

Upskilling users with an agreed training plan, including continuous internal reviews, ensure that operations will remain slick and agile to meet new business needs.

BENEFIT: User Operations Governance

A playbook documenting internal knowledge, keeping all stakeholders informed with ways of handling assets, regulations and platform safeguarding.

BENEFIT: Fit for Growth

Regular review meetings to ensure the platform is maintained and fit for growth. Changes should be made incrementally as the business grows to avoid operational disruption.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project.

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