Customer Lifecycle Management

Let’s determine your current customer lifecycle management problem…

A slick customer lifecycle model is critical for any business. Surprisingly though, not many companies have mastered their process. They’ve either outgrown their current setup or haven’t implemented a process altogether.

A customer lifecycle in CRM that lacks conviction often carries the following issues preventing its success:

  • Limited or no intuitional documentation available for internal knowledge transfer
  • Lack of ownership of the model and desire to progress model forward through customer lifecycle stages
  • Limited automation knowledge to govern and handle the customer lifecycle journey process
  • Inaccurate reporting processes, misleading customer analysis of lifecycle of customer
  • Skewed reporting metrics due to data duplication impacting customer segmentation, a coherent customer profile view
  • Data governance is absent or limited
  • Lack of sales and marketing alignment, missing out on customer lifecycle touchpoints opportunities
  • Limited or no governance for ensuring follow-up tasks are adhered, limiting customer focus and increasing customer churn

How to make the problem go away with customer lifecycle marketing…

Solving the issues above is no easy task. Our one-day workshop will establish a new customer lifecycle management model that ensures adoption and automation success for future-proofing requirements.

Workshop is delivered in six milestones:


Gain insight of your current customer lifecycle setup by conducting a questionnaire and interviews with your marketing operations lead and CRM admin.


Full-day workshop will cover agreed agenda line items regarding your customer lifecycle management model.


We’ll design a solution around your customer lifecycle management needs including optimisations and best practice tactics.


We’ll then present the consultancy lifecycle design to key marketing stakeholders with an opportunity for Q&A and revision requests.


Once agreed, you can sign-off the solution design with the option to commission Seamlessideas to deliver the defined customer lifecycle changes, or to only consult your team.


Dependent on which service you commission, we’re adaptable to meet your needs.

BENEFIT: Streamlined Customer Lifecycle

A streamlined customer lifecycle model that includes your current operation business needs across various operational teams, increasing operation benefits from an internal communication and user adoption perspective.

BENEFIT: Instant Customer Lifecycle Funnel Insights

Clean data management enables operations to gain quick and accurate insight into the current customer lifecycle funnel. This level of accessibility helps create a more in-depth analytics for budget forecasting and customer lifetime value.

BENEFIT: Intuitional User Adoption

A documented customer lifecycle process that aligns with business needs, plus, reporting will make user adoption of delivery team members more accessible.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project.

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