Account Based Marketing Targeting

Let’s determine your current B2B sales demand generation problem…

Due to the nature of B2B marketing, the process of nurturing a prospect is longer than B2C customer lifecycle.

It might be the case that your marketing efforts are limited due to a lack of resources. Or your products or services are too expensive for your customer’s budget, causing a dip in your lead pipeline.

It’s more expensive to acquire a new lead than retaining a lead/customer. Finding new leads with a low budget can be a stretch on your resources.

How to make the problem go away with account based marketing targeting and retargeting…

The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) — targeting the 20% of target account customers that attribute to 80% of your revenue — is the smartest technique to streamline your marketing resources and sustain growth.

Our one-day workshop with your marketing team will establish a new account based marketing model by defining internal accountability for streamlined sales and marketing alignment.

Workshop is delivered in six milestones:


Gain insight into current account based marketing targeting, retargeting and B2B sales account based selling by conducting a questionnaire and interviews with your marketing operations lead and sales operations lead.


We’ll cover agreed agenda line items regarding account based marketing management needs.


We’ll design a solution around your account based marketing targeting and retargeting needs, including optimisations and best practice tactics.


We’ll then present the consultancy account based marketing design to key marketing stakeholders with an opportunity for Q&A and revision requests.


Once agreed, you can sign-off the solution design with the option to commission Seamlessideas to deliver the account based marketing process or to consult your team.


Dependent on which service you commission, we’re adaptable to meet your needs.

BENEFIT: Streamlined Marketing Resources

By channelling your marketing efforts on an account based marketing reporting level, your decisions are more strategic — concentrating your marketing efforts on a smaller but more profitable audience.

BENEFIT: Increased Selling Opportunities

Targeting enables sales operations to think further than the lead itself. Focussing on the account level with account based selling will increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

BENEFIT: Greater Growth ROI

Streamlined sales operations reduce operational running cost. Discounts and bundle packages enable up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, which leads to increased sales conversion rates.

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