Digital Strategy Consultancy

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Customer Lifecycle Campaign Automation
A one-day workshop on campaign automation planning to neutralise common digital marketing management issues and design a solution to streamline your marketing strategy implementation.
Marketing Automation Managed Support Services
Extend your digital marketing operations with support from our skilled talent roles; digital strategy consulting, marketing technology consulting, front-end development, marketing automation training, testing analyst and marketing management planning.
Customer Lifecycle Management
Solving customer lifecycle issues is no easy task. We manage a one-day workshop with key operation team members. In the workshop, we establish a new customer lifecycle model that ensures adoption and customer lifecycle journey automation success for future proofing requirements.
Sales and Marketing Data Governance
A one-day workshop to establish a new data governance data management process for handling internal and end-user touch points that meet legislation.
Account Based Marketing
A one-day workshop with your marketing team to establish an account based marketing model. The workshop will define a targeting strategy for demand generation growth in B2B sales through account based selling of target accounts and sales and marketing alignment.
Digital Marketing Excellence (CoE)
A one-day workshop with your marketing team to discuss previous issues, and to map a process aiming for digital marketing excellence that encourages growth, marketing automation adoption, upskilling needs and marketing management agreements.
Customer Lifecycle and Multi-Touch Attribution Reporting
A half-day workshop with your marketing team and CRM admin, to discuss data-driven multi-touch attribution models and need for reporting and analytics, including operational changes and ROI marketing attribution reporting.
Persona and Customer User Journey Mapping
A one-day workshop with your marketing team to map out the customer journey and buyer personas
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